Chicago's no-kill shelter for cats, rabbits and dogs

Fundraising and Grant Writers

Time Periods When Assistance Is Needed

  • N/A – can be done from home

Related Tasks

  • Engage the community to raise money to support the shelter operations and rescue efforts
  • Engage local businesses to raise money and/or gift donations for shelter events and activities
  • Research grant opportunities and communicate them to Grant Coordinator for submission approval
  • Assist with collecting necessary information and writing compelling proposals in a timely manner
  • Must be knowledgeable of Red Door’s policies, procedures, and mission to accurately reflect the shelter’s stance on issues and justification of funds.

Special Capabilities Needed

  • Must be able to read, write and have clear communication skills.
  • Must be able to provide friendly, compelling, and accurate information to the community and on grant applications.
  • Must be familiar and stay familiar with shelter policies, guidelines, and contacts.


All volunteers who engage local businesses or wish to help with grant writing must first attend the volunteer orientation and complete two, 2 hour observation/training sessions with a senior volunteer, board member, or staff member to learn more about the shelter operations.


Fundraising can be done as little or as much as you want. Each year we have personal fundraising activites, such as the Spring to Life Rescue Raffle and the Gimme Shelter! Walk for the Animals. Volunteers who wish to help with grant writing are asked to commit to research and submit one grant proposal every two months, though they are welcome to research and submit more as they want. Volunteers helping in this area are asked to give one month’s prior notice if they no longer wish to help with grant writing.

Please fill out this application to volunteer with the animals at Red Door!
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