Chicago's no-kill shelter for cats, rabbits and dogs


Time Periods When Assistance Is Needed

  • Year-round, increased need during summer months
  • Minimum of 2+ weeks.

Related Tasks

  • Provide a shelter animal with appropriate food, water, medication, etc as outlined in the animal’s take-home packet
  • For cats & rabbits – clean the litterbox regularly
  • For dogs – take on multiple walks each day
  • Have a couple of hours each day to spend in the room with your foster animal and give them time to explore, play, and socialization
  • Report in to foster manager weekly to update on the animal’s wellbeing and progress

Special Capabilities Needed

  • Must be able to get the animal to a vet in an emergency
  • Must be able to get the animal back to the shelter within 48 hours, when requested for veterinary or adoption appointments
  • Must be patient and understanding of the situations our rescue animals have come from and work with them in a positive manner


All volunteers who want to foster an animal must first attend the volunteer orientation and complete the species-specific fostering training session.


Volunteers commit to fostering cats and rabbits for a minimum of two weeks, though volunteers are welcome to foster as long as they want. Dog foster homes must be committed for the length of time the dog is in Red Door’s care prior to adoption, which can range from days to months.

Please fill out this application to volunteer with the animals at Red Door!
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