Chicago's no-kill shelter for cats, rabbits and dogs

Administrative Assistant

Time Periods When Assistance Is Needed

  • Daily: 2-3 hour shift between noon – 5PM.

Related Tasks

  • Assist with creating and maintaining shelter files and records
  • Answer incoming telephone calls
  • Keep shelter animal info boards and cage cards updated
  • Stuff and stamp envelopes

Special Capabilities Needed

  • Must be able to read, write and have clear communication skills.
  • Must have strong attention to detail and be able to accurately and efficiently work with limited supervision.
  • Must be familiar and stay familiar with shelter policies, guidelines, and contacts.
  • Must be able to learn and use safe animal handling practices when interacting with the animals.
  • Must be able to learn and retain various protocols and follow directions, working with very little direct supervision. 


All administrative assistants must first attend the volunteer orientation and complete an observation/training session with a senior volunteer, board member, or staff member to learn more about the shelter’s administrative operations.


Administrative assistant volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum of two 2-3 hour shifts per month, though they are welcome to volunteer more as they want. Volunteers helping in this area are asked to give one month’s prior notice if they no longer wish to help as an administrative assistant.

Please fill out this application to volunteer with the animals at Red Door!
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