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Before You Adopt: Rabbit Fast Facts

Rabbits can live 10+ years
Rabbits do not make good pets for young children

Rabbits do not like being held, loud noises, or sudden movements. They can die of fright and are injured very easily.

A single rabbit costs about $75/month

Costs include litter, hay, fresh greens, and bunny-safe treats and toys.

Commercial rabbit cages are typically too small

Rabbit cages sold in retail stores are too small and don't allow rabbits to live happy, healthy lives. Additionally, these cages tend to have wire floors that hurt rabbit feet. Instead, they should live in an x-pen or a bunny-proofed room.

Rabbits need at least 4 hours of exercise a day out of their living space
Wild rabbits and domestic rabbits are completely different species

Domestic rabbits cannot survive outdoors; they are susceptible to diseases and predators, even in a protective hut or run. Red Door advises that domestic rabbits NEVER go outside. And if you can no longer care for your rabbit, never release them outdoors; they WILL NOT survive.

Rabbits should be spayed or neutered

Unaltered rabbits will mark territory with feces and urine, may be aggressive, and are more likely to have health problems, like cancer.

A rabbit's diet is very important - their teeth never stop growing

A rabbit's diet consists of unlimited access to timothy hay and fresh, washed (always wash, even if the package says pre-washed) salads twice a day. The hay helps grind their teeth down, and the salad offers additional nutrients.

Rabbits need a yearly wellness exam at an EXOTIC veterinarian

A wellness visit costs about $75. Emergency care can cost $200-$1,000+. The "Friends of Red Door" at the bottom of this website contains a list of reputable exotic vets.

Rabbits are clean and quiet

Rabbits should never be bathed with soap/shampoo or water. This can cause stress and hypothermia, and rabbits do a great job cleaning themselves up. Altered rabbits can be litterbox trained!

Rabbits are ideal pets for working people and apartment dwellers

They are most active in the morning and evening, don't need to go for walks, don't need a backyard, and don't mind spending some time alone as long as they have hay, water, and a clean litterbox.

Rabbits are affectionate, social, and interactive companions

If you respect your rabbit, they will learn to trust and respect you. They also make strong bonds with other long as they get to pick their mate!

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